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Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
picture of president and mrs. obama dancing in washington this evening. >> they're dancing to "let's stay together" i believe. you can see the gorgeous dress by jason wu. >> a lot of talk about her new hair style. >> it's amazing to see people taking pictures of this event. >> yes. exciting times in washington tonight. >> coming back here a daring nest a hayward. the owner of auto world says four men broke into the lot and forced open the gate then broke into the office and took the keys to several car asks drove away. the owner says cars worth about $200,000. authorities plan to review the video taken from several cameras on the lot. police looking for this spekd who terrorized employees in an attempted armed robbery saturday night. the robber charged into the store pointing a gun, and demanded money. when employees scrambled the guy narrowly missed one worker then ran from the store. >> game over for atari, filing for bankruptcy protection. the move is aimed at escaping a massive debt facing a atari parent company in france. >> blockbuster anonsed not enough people rent movies on d
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> tourists at the white house got quite a surprise today, and he mrs. obama greeted visitors in the blue room. the reception room on the first floor of the white house this, is video streamed live and even the dog took part in the reception line. mrs. open oeb yauma said in part, i love doing this. >> it's unclear whether beyonce lip synced the national anthem yesterday. >> you can see she had trouble with the audio. today the u.s. marine band says the voice track was rerecorded as was all of the music they're saying they're not in position to know whether vocals were live or on tape but saying a live performance was ill advised because she had no opportunity to rehearse with the band. the use of a recording is not unprecedented. yoyoma relied on one at the first inaugural for president obama. >> lukea gonzales accidentally receivered his finger but what happened in months that followed is a lesson for all of us. >> doctors were able to reattach his fing skbrer he's now almost fully recovered. what proved bigger challenge is the struggle with the medical bills. lukea gonzales stretc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2